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What’s SUP?

Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) is a highly addictive water sport that can be enjoyed by people of any age, size, strength and ability. It is the ultimate total body workout, an excellent cross-training activity for other sports and quite simply one of the most divine ways to exercise on, rather than in the water.

The peace and calm of being out on your board with just your thoughts and the gentle lapping of the water reduces stress and anxiety and allows full focus on your body and the environment. Whether you are pushing yourself at pace, riding waves or gently paddling through rocky inlets, you will always return to shore energised, invigorated and happy to be alive.

SUP is low impact and is therefore kind to your joints and is fantastic rehabilitation from high impact injuries. It combines strength, endurance and aerobic training for your entire body: core, legs, butt, back, shoulders and arms.

Get into your best shape ever: SUP burns fat, builds muscle, tones, increases fitness, improves posture and is amazing for strengthening your core. The unstable nature of standing on a board on water improves your balance, coordination and brain function…and it’s FUN!!

  • What’s SUP?